Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't go away........

It looks like Catherines FA 50 is coming back. Changed, but still alive! More details very soon.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Catherines 1998-2013

After a wonderful run of 14 years, I have decided to end Catherines FA 50k. I want to thank all of those who ran and enjoyed the trails of southern Massanutten Mountain.

I especially want to thank the Catherines co-founder Peyton Robinson, and the long list of other co-directors and other key personnel (Peyton Robinson, Bill Van Antrwerp, Quatro Hubbard, Mike Bur, Linda Wack, Vicki Kendall, Tom Corris, Dave Yeakel, and Brian McNeil among many, many others). Without these people Catherines would not have happened. Thank you - it has been a great 14 years!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Catherines FA

The date of Catherines is July 20, 2013. Entry details are as follows:

As the clock strikes noon, send me an email saying you want to run.

That's it. You are in. We have 75 spots for the run and they will go quickly, so don't delay. I will use a Wait List to handle those who are not able to get in fast enough. I have meetings out of the building much of today, so don't be suprised to not get an email until later this evening.

Details on how to volunteer to follow soon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Catherines FA 50k Results

Patrick McGlade 4:47  50k
Andrew Krueger 4:49  50k
Keith Knipling 5:00  50k
Charles Bowles 5:20  50k
Patrick Hummel 5:26  50k
Dana Sanford 5:29  50k
Matt Bugin 5:47  50k
Holly Bugin 5:47  50k
Vince Bowman 5:52  50k
Ryan Paavola 6:05  50k
Catherine Himes 6:06  50k
Dan Rogers 6:09  50k
Stuart Kern 6:15  50k
Christian Dahlhausen  6:16  50k
Marc Griffin  6:16  50k
Nina Silitch 6:27  50k
Jeff van den Broek  6:30  50k
Scott Crabb 6:32  50k
Jason Farr 6:32  50k
Gray Weaver  6:35  50k
Marlin Yoder  6:36  50k
Rick Gray 6:36  50k
William Potts 6:45  50k
Keith Moore 6:47  50k
Gaynor Bourgeois 6:50  50k
Mike Campbell 6:50  50k
Jack Broaddus  6:50  50k
Bill Gentry 6:52  50k
Bill Breidenstine 6:52  50k
Alisa Springman  6:59  50k
jim daniels  6:59  50k
Edward Cacciapaglia  7:03  50k
Adele Fenwick 7:03  50k
Larry Huffman  7:05  50k
John Nelson 7:10  50k
Gary Knipling  7:13  50k
Nick Satriano 7:16  50k
Jeff Fiolek  7:24  50k
Charlie Joyce 7:24  50k
Martha Wright    7:25  50k
Prissie Nguyen 7:25  50k
Mike Hannon  7:40  50k
Greg Loomis 7:40  50k
Michele Harmon 7:40  50k
Tony Escobar 7:56  50k
Dan Aghdam  7:56  50k
Christine Bone 8:07  50k
Scott Millar  8:07  50k
Ed Walsh 8:09  50k
Bob Anderson 8:54  50k
Anita Finkle  9:10  50k
Quatro Hubbard 6:14  2?m
Nick Hamblet 4:40  21m
Sara Breevoot 4:40  21m
Ernesto Casarez 5:21  21m
David Smith 5:36  21m
Michele Price 6:00  21m
Rhonda Stricklett 6:00  21m
Lauren Harvey 6:00  21m
Sophie Speidel 5:36  25M
Harold Landers 5:36  25m
Francisco Smith 7:26  27m
Natalie Kennedy 7:40  27m

Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 CFA Entrants - Final Update

The runner list has been updated and attached below. The Runner List is subject to change as people let me know they cannot make it. If you are going to drop, please let me know as soon as possible so I can move another runner up from the Wait List. See you in Saturday!

# Name
1 Adele Fenwick
2 Alisa Springman 
3 Amy Albu
4 Andrew Krueger 
5 Anita Finkle 
6 Bethany Patterson 
7 Bill Breidenstine
8 Bill Gentry
9 Bob Anderson
10 Bob Phillips
11 Charles Bowles
12 Charlie Joyce
13 Christian Dahlhausen 
14 Christine Bone
15 CJ Blagg 
16 Dan Aghdam 
17 Dan Rogers 
18 Dana Sanford 
19 David C. Smith
20 David Snipes
21 Ed Walsh
22 Edward Cacciapaglia 
23 Eric McGlinchey 
24 Ernesto Casarez
25 Gary Knipling 
26 Gaynor Bourgeois
27 Gray Weaver 
28 Greg Loomis
29 Harry Landers
30 Holly Bugin
31 Jack Broaddus 
32 Jason Farr
33 Jason Hipps
34 Jeff Fiolek 
35 Jeff van den Broek 
36 jim daniels 
37 Jo leigh 
38 John Nelson
39 KC Guevara 
40 Keith Knipling
41 Keith Moore 
42 Kira Zevan
43 Larry Huffman 
44 Lorrin Harvey 
45 Marc Griffin 
46 Mark McKennett
47 Marlin Yoder 
48 Martha Wright   
49 Matt Bugin
50 Matthew Anderson Sr.
51 Michael Noel 
52 Michele Harmon
53 Michelle Price 
54 Mike Bailey
55 Mike Campbell
56 Mike Hannon 
57 Natalie Kennedy
58 Nick Satriano
59 Nina Silitch
60 Patrick Mcglade 
61 Prissie Nguyen
62 Q
63 Randy Dietz
64 Rhonda Stricklett
65 Rick Gray
66 Ryan Paavola
67 Scott Crabb
68 Scott Millar 
69 Smitty 
70 Sophie Speidel 
71 Steve Bowles
72 Stuart Kern 
73 Thomas Boes 
74 Tony Escobar
75 Will Weidman 
76 William Potts

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Entries for the 2012 Catherines FA 50k will open at noon, May 24. To enter you just send me an email to CFA50k@gmail.com with you contact information (preferred email address for CFA50k information) and your name. That is it.

I will be doing a wait list again this year for those who don't get onto the initial entrant list. Those from the wait list have almost always gotten the chance to run - but not always. Get those entries in fast!

Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Catherines FA 50k is July 21

Finally, after much prodding, am happy to announce Catherines will be Saturday, July 21, starting at 8am. Registration will begin at high noon, May 24. More detail on that as the date gets closer.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fire on the CFA Course!

It is nearly out now, but a fire on the Catherines course has burned from Catherines Furnace, the full length of Cub Run Road and all the way to the Yellow Trail. Arson is suspected and a reward is being offered. More details as they become available. Currently the back half of the course is closed.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Results for 2011 Catherines FA 50k

Another HOT year for the Catherines FA 50k, but it was a fairly comfortable mid-90s. We all survived and had a good time doing it! There were several runners doing their first 50k at Catherines this year and they all finished. Not the easiest of days or races to begin with.

1 Brian Schmidt 50k 5:09
2 Brad Hinton 50k 5:10
3 John W. Robinson 50k 5:42
4 Drew Krueger 50k 5:46
5 Mike Stadnisky 50k 5:46
6 Chris Miller 50k 5:49
7 Eva Pastalkova 50k 5:52
8 Keith Knipling 50k 5:54
9 John Cassilly 50k 5:57
10 Matt Bugin 50k 5:57
11 Mario Raymond 50k 5:58
12 Joey Cohen 50k 6:27
13 Mike Campbell 50k 6:40
14 Jeff Best 50k 6:42
15 Christian Dahlhausen 50k 6:45
16 Linda Gaudette 50k 7:00
17 Anna Griffis 50k 7:04
18 Joe Clapper 50k 7:04
19 Michele Harmon 50k 7:04
20 Thomas McNulty 50k 7:04
21 Dave Woll 50k 7:22
22 Joseph Schramka 50k 7:22
23 David Weigert 50k 7:40
24 Jeff Fiolek 50k 7:47
25 John Nelson 50k 7:49
26 Dave Gaudette 50k 7:50
27 Ed Cacciapaglia 50k 7:50
28 Bob Anderson 50k 8:04
29 gaynor bourgeois 50k 8:19
30 Keith Moore 50k 8:19
31 Brad Koenig 50k 8:35
32 Michael Gildea 50k 8:47
33 Bob Cooper 50k 8:52
34 Bob Coyne 50k 8:56
35 Mike Hannon 50k 9:03
36 Bill Gentry 50k 9:06
37 Jack Broaddus 50k 9:06
38 Karen Taber 50k 9:45
39 Anita Finkle 50k 10:04
40 Ed Walsh 50k 10:04
41 Jason Hipps 50k 10:04
42 Shawn Ferry 50k 10:30
43 Christopher E Calfee ??
44 Alan Zwart dnf (25 miles)

Andy Anderson 21m 4:57
joseph landreth 21m 6:13
Katie Keier 21m 6:13
Janice Dobson 21m 7:57

Sophie Spiedel 24m 5:55
jimm Ouellette 24m 6:00
Gary Knipling 24m 6:13
Chris McCartney 24m 6:19
marti kovener 24m 6:34

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CFA Updates

Well, once again the weather is adding to the challenge that is Catherines FA 50k. It looks to only be 95 degrees on Saturday, with a thunderstorm or two thrown in to cool things off.

Due to the heat, I will again offer a shorter option of about 20+ miles. This is not an easy 20, as there is more than 4,200 feet of climbing, but this should allow people to finish their run before the worst of the heat hits. I would prefer people run the full route, but I also want to minimize any problems.

This shorter course will be the same of the full course except you will skip the Cub Run Road/Yellow/ Orange trail loop. If you are choosing this short option, please let the Pitt Spring AS know so they don’t wait for you. One down side of the short course is that you might have to wait for the party to begin as we might not be ready for you if you’re too quick!

Also, if anyone wants to bring any foods that are beyond the basic stuff CFA provides (burgers, hotdogs, brats, veggie burgers), please feel free.
If anyone on the runner list is not going to run, please let me know as soon as possible. I have wait list people eager to fill your spot.