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Thursday, July 22, 2010

MAJOR Changes for CFA!

Changes for the 2010 Catherines FA 50k

There are a lot of things going on with the Catherines FA 50k this year which are going to require major changes in the run. Due to road construction that blocks access to BOTH main aid stations, the course has changed for this year. The alternative course will use elements of the normal course, just rearranged to allow access to aid stations in different locations. Details can be found at

Also, due to the 100 degree weather that is predicted for Saturday, CFA will offer a this-year-only shortcut that will turnaround at Pitt Spring Overlook and only total 21.4 miles with 5,153 feet of elevation gain. I would prefer everyone make the decision that will get them to the post-run party in the best shape, even if that means running shorter than planned.
Here is the 2010 alternative course:

Here is the course description:
S/F to Pink.
Left on Pink to Purple Trail.
Left on Purple to Catherines Furnace. (AID STATION)
Right past Furnace and up the road to Cub Run road intersection. Turn right and go up the road to Pitt Spring. (SELF-SERVE AID STATION)
Up the hill on the Orange Trail

SHORTCUT – For the 21 mile option, turn left at the Pitt Spring Overlook, see the view and turn around and retrace your steps back to the start.

If you are continuing the full distance, continue to the Left turn onto the Yellow Trail.

Down the hill on Yellow to the trail head at Cub Run Road. (AID STATION)
Turn around to go the same route back to the start.

Aid stations will be located at the Catherines Furnace (in both directions), and at the trailhead of the Yellow Trail. The route we are using crosses directly through the normal Pitt Spring Aid Station and there is a wonderful, free-flowing spring right there that should be used as a self-service Water only aid station. That water is nice and cold and tastes great.

I would prefer that everyone starts at the same time, as it helps greatly with runner accountability and tracking. An early start might get you to the Aid Station prior to it arriving.

I will have maps for the new course availble at the start.