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Friday, July 30, 2010

2010 Catherines Fat Ass 50k Results

Here are the results of the 2010 Catherines Fat Ass 50k.

Okay, the times were generally slow. It was over 100 degrees, humid, and hilly. The course was new and the aid stations tended to be far apart -especially once it really got hot. Many people stopped to take a mid-race shower. It takes time to get pampered at the aid stations! Most importantly, we ALL survivied the 2010 Catherines!

Brian Schmidt        50k   5:30   First 50k Finisher
Dan Rose        50k   5:40 
Keith Knipling        50k   5:44 
Harland Peelle        50k   6:10 
William weidman 50k   6:36 
Sabrina Moran        50k   6:50 First 50k Female
Amy Leigh Brown 50k   7:10 
Bethany Patterson 50k   7:21 
John Cassilly        50k   7:21 
Marc Griffin        50k   7:21 
Greg Zaruba        50k   7:22 
Jack Broaddus        50k   7:23 
Joseph Landreth 50k   7:25 
Gary Knipling        50k   7:30 
Joe Kilcoyne        50k   7:41 
Gaynor Bourgeois 50k   7:43 
Keith Moore        50k   7:43 
Natalie Kennedy 50k   7:43 
Jen Jacobs        50k   7:53 
Bill Gentry        50k   7:55 
Mike Bailey        50k   7:55 
Brian Mcneil        50k   8:03 
Rob Dolan        50k   8:12 
Bill Sublett        50k   8:17 
Devon Kiernan        50k   8:17 
Dan Aghdam        50k   8:18 
Farouk Elkassed 50k   8:30 
Bob Anderson        50k   8:31 
Brittany Zale        50k   8:37 
David Snipes        50k   8:37 
Ed Cacciapaglia 50k   8:40 
Alan Lagon        50k   8:45 
Matthew Anderson 50k   9:34 
Bill Wandel        50k   9:40 
Bill Turrentine 50k   ? 
Jarett Tighe        50k   ?

Mike Campbell        28m   5:50

Holly Franz        26m   8:58 
Jen Page  26m   8:58 

Sophie Speidel        25.9m   6:50 

Marlin Yoder        23m   5:29 
mike gholson        23m   6:05 
Mark Mckennett    23m   7:43 
Pam Gowen        24m   7:43 
Maria Bertacchi 24m   ? 
Stuart Kern        24m   5:02 
Scott Crabb        23m   5:45 
Jon Norris        23m   6:06 
Bob Hagan        23m   6:20 
Theo Mestrini        23m   6:30 
Craig Penrose        23m   6:50 
Bob Gaylord        23m   8:07 
Ed Demoney        23m   8:46

Sharon Lapkoff        22m   6:00 
Russ Evans        22m   6:05 

Bob Phillips        21m   ?
Brad Hinton        20m   4:00 
Regina Nuzzo        19m   7:00 
Juliana Brown        16+m  5:25 
Sara Davidson        16+m  5:25 
Caroline Williams 16+m  8:55 
Luanne Turrntine 16+m  8:55 
Gary Hearn        16+m  ? 
Trever Shick        13.5m ?

Any of you who have the questions mark where your time should have been, well, I sweated on the sheet and it got blurry. Let me know if you want to pick a time to insert in place of the ?.

See you next year!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

MAJOR Changes for CFA!

Changes for the 2010 Catherines FA 50k

There are a lot of things going on with the Catherines FA 50k this year which are going to require major changes in the run. Due to road construction that blocks access to BOTH main aid stations, the course has changed for this year. The alternative course will use elements of the normal course, just rearranged to allow access to aid stations in different locations. Details can be found at

Also, due to the 100 degree weather that is predicted for Saturday, CFA will offer a this-year-only shortcut that will turnaround at Pitt Spring Overlook and only total 21.4 miles with 5,153 feet of elevation gain. I would prefer everyone make the decision that will get them to the post-run party in the best shape, even if that means running shorter than planned.
Here is the 2010 alternative course:

Here is the course description:
S/F to Pink.
Left on Pink to Purple Trail.
Left on Purple to Catherines Furnace. (AID STATION)
Right past Furnace and up the road to Cub Run road intersection. Turn right and go up the road to Pitt Spring. (SELF-SERVE AID STATION)
Up the hill on the Orange Trail

SHORTCUT – For the 21 mile option, turn left at the Pitt Spring Overlook, see the view and turn around and retrace your steps back to the start.

If you are continuing the full distance, continue to the Left turn onto the Yellow Trail.

Down the hill on Yellow to the trail head at Cub Run Road. (AID STATION)
Turn around to go the same route back to the start.

Aid stations will be located at the Catherines Furnace (in both directions), and at the trailhead of the Yellow Trail. The route we are using crosses directly through the normal Pitt Spring Aid Station and there is a wonderful, free-flowing spring right there that should be used as a self-service Water only aid station. That water is nice and cold and tastes great.

I would prefer that everyone starts at the same time, as it helps greatly with runner accountability and tracking. An early start might get you to the Aid Station prior to it arriving.

I will have maps for the new course availble at the start.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Entrant List for CFA 2010

The Runner List is final. So, as of now, here is the list:


Alan Lagon
Amy Leigh Brown
Bethany Patterson
Bill Gentry
Bill Ramsey
Bill Sublett
Bill Turrentine
Bill Wandel
Bob Anderson
Bob Gaylord
Bob Hagan
Bob Phillips
Brad Hinton
Brian Mcneil
Brian Schmidt
Brittany Zale
Charlie Miracle
Craig Penrose
Dan Aghdam
Dan Rose
Dave Quivey
David Snipes
Debbie Shaffer
Denise Coll
Devon Kiernan
Ed Cacciapaglia
Ed Demoney
Eric Harris
Farouk Elkassed
Franklin Wood
Gary Hearn
Gary Knipling
Gaynor Bourgeois
Greg Zaruba
Harland Peelle
Holly Franz
Jack Broaddus
Jarett Tighe
Jen Jacobs
Jen Page
Jerry Jared
Jill Quivey
jimm Ouellette
Joe Kilcoyne
John Cassilly
john hayward
Jon Norris
Joseph Landreth
Juliana Brown
Kari Anderson
Keith Knipling
Keith Moore
Marc Griffin
Maria Bertacchi
Mark Mckennett   
Marlin Yoder
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Lancaster
Mike Bailey
Mike Campbell
mike gholson
Natalie Kennedy
Pam Gowen
Quatro Hubbard
Regina Nuzzo
Rob Dolan
Russ Evans
Sabrina Moran
Sara Davidson
Scott Crabb
Sharon Lapkoff
Sophie Speidel
Stuart Kern
Trever Shick
William weidman

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bring Your Shoes!

Not only should you bring the shoes you will be wearing, but bring gently worn shoes to donate to Wendy Marszalek's Shoes For Success. Wendy will be collecting shoes at the start of Catherines for this excellent program.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trail Maintenance Day, June 27

Anyone who would like to go out and help clear the CFA trail, I am heading there this Sunday and would like some company. Let me know if you have any interest. I have extra tools for a couple people.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


If that title made any sense to you then you are into maps. We are fortunate to have Bill Sublett's wonderful GPS Tracker, which you can use to construct a map and elevation profile of the Catherines course.

Updated Entrants List

As will be done multiple times prior to raceday, I have uploaded the newest entrant list for your viewing pleasure. If you moved to the Runner List, I should have already let you know. Anyone on that Runner List who finds they will not be able to run, please let me know as soon as possible so I can let someone else run in your place.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is a FA?

I have had a couple of inquiries about refering to Catherines as 'FA', versus spelling out the words. No, the name of the run has not changed! It is just that many email filters have had some issues with the spell-out words in the past, so 'FA' gets us past that.

Entries Open on Thursday, June 3rd for the 2010 CFA50k

Work and other stuff has settled enough that I am ready for the email onslaught of CFA entries. Starting tomorrow morning at 9am, June 3, I will start taking entries. We are limited to having 75 runners, so those beyond 75 will be added to a Waiting List.

Enter by sending your name and email address where you want to be contacted about the run. Send your entry to:

Jeff Reed

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Ready for MMT / CFA

I am heading to Costco tonight to purchase mass quanities for the Camp Roosevelt Aid Station of MMT. This yearly ritual at Costco gets me into the CFA frame of mind. I start thinking logistics, changes, food choices, lessons learned, and any needed improvements off of previous years. Any suggestions? Many of the changes that have come about over the past 11 years at MMT have been suggested by the CFA runners. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The date for the 2010 is ...., Well, still up in the air. There are a couple things being juggled that need to settle first. Coming soon, very soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

CFA Elevation Profile

There are but three hills.

New Home!

Geocities went away, and this is now Catherines FA 50k's new home! I will be reposting much of the useful info from the old website, and some photos gathered through the years.

The date has not yet been selected and I have posted a poll to HELP make the choice. I will be selecting the date prior to MMT (May 15) and entries will open a couple weeks after that. The run fills very quickly, so be ready!