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Friday, July 30, 2010

2010 Catherines Fat Ass 50k Results

Here are the results of the 2010 Catherines Fat Ass 50k.

Okay, the times were generally slow. It was over 100 degrees, humid, and hilly. The course was new and the aid stations tended to be far apart -especially once it really got hot. Many people stopped to take a mid-race shower. It takes time to get pampered at the aid stations! Most importantly, we ALL survivied the 2010 Catherines!

Brian Schmidt        50k   5:30   First 50k Finisher
Dan Rose        50k   5:40 
Keith Knipling        50k   5:44 
Harland Peelle        50k   6:10 
William weidman 50k   6:36 
Sabrina Moran        50k   6:50 First 50k Female
Amy Leigh Brown 50k   7:10 
Bethany Patterson 50k   7:21 
John Cassilly        50k   7:21 
Marc Griffin        50k   7:21 
Greg Zaruba        50k   7:22 
Jack Broaddus        50k   7:23 
Joseph Landreth 50k   7:25 
Gary Knipling        50k   7:30 
Joe Kilcoyne        50k   7:41 
Gaynor Bourgeois 50k   7:43 
Keith Moore        50k   7:43 
Natalie Kennedy 50k   7:43 
Jen Jacobs        50k   7:53 
Bill Gentry        50k   7:55 
Mike Bailey        50k   7:55 
Brian Mcneil        50k   8:03 
Rob Dolan        50k   8:12 
Bill Sublett        50k   8:17 
Devon Kiernan        50k   8:17 
Dan Aghdam        50k   8:18 
Farouk Elkassed 50k   8:30 
Bob Anderson        50k   8:31 
Brittany Zale        50k   8:37 
David Snipes        50k   8:37 
Ed Cacciapaglia 50k   8:40 
Alan Lagon        50k   8:45 
Matthew Anderson 50k   9:34 
Bill Wandel        50k   9:40 
Bill Turrentine 50k   ? 
Jarett Tighe        50k   ?

Mike Campbell        28m   5:50

Holly Franz        26m   8:58 
Jen Page  26m   8:58 

Sophie Speidel        25.9m   6:50 

Marlin Yoder        23m   5:29 
mike gholson        23m   6:05 
Mark Mckennett    23m   7:43 
Pam Gowen        24m   7:43 
Maria Bertacchi 24m   ? 
Stuart Kern        24m   5:02 
Scott Crabb        23m   5:45 
Jon Norris        23m   6:06 
Bob Hagan        23m   6:20 
Theo Mestrini        23m   6:30 
Craig Penrose        23m   6:50 
Bob Gaylord        23m   8:07 
Ed Demoney        23m   8:46

Sharon Lapkoff        22m   6:00 
Russ Evans        22m   6:05 

Bob Phillips        21m   ?
Brad Hinton        20m   4:00 
Regina Nuzzo        19m   7:00 
Juliana Brown        16+m  5:25 
Sara Davidson        16+m  5:25 
Caroline Williams 16+m  8:55 
Luanne Turrntine 16+m  8:55 
Gary Hearn        16+m  ? 
Trever Shick        13.5m ?

Any of you who have the questions mark where your time should have been, well, I sweated on the sheet and it got blurry. Let me know if you want to pick a time to insert in place of the ?.

See you next year!

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